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Our Pledge


Broadway Court Estates attracts healthier, more active retirees. It is more than possible to design the life of your choosing at Broadway Court Estates. The Sarff Family, as sole owners and managers, would want you to do just that.

Our pledge to you is not something we take lightly. We pledge the following:

  • To pay attention to details;

  • To promote an active and healty lifestyle;

  • To provide quality home cooked meals in a friendly environment;

  • To provide a clean and safe environment;

  • To provide safe and reliable transportation;

  • To be flexible in accommodating resident requests;

  • To try not to make mistakes, but when we do to fix it promptly;

  • To have staff you can have confidence in;

  • To show basic respect for how individual we all become the longer we live.

  • To go the extra mile as a matter of routine.

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